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«Breeze Media Group» produces professional film and television: commercials, promos, music videos, movies, documentary, video presentation, etc. Any of these products you can order from us today.

Production of all types of video products is a sophisticated process that requires highly professional knowledge and creative abilities. All products produced by our company are unique and based on the original scripts. That allows us to emphasise the features and advantages of the customer’s proposals, his interesting, unusual, not “stamped” ideas.

Our production team is able to realise all client’s wishes. Our team consists of professionals with wide experience in production and modern means of video expression. Certainly, every order is produced with taking into account the specific characteristics of the customer’s business and goals. This is most important for creation of commercials and promos, which play a critical role in increasing the sales level and in brand creation.


For our clients we can offer such services as:

  • development project;
  • pre-production;
  • location scouting;
  • Film/Video/Photography;
  • equipment;
  • playback,  on-set editing;
  • Behind‐The‐Scenes
  • aerial survey FullHD, 4К;
  • postproduction;
  • editing;
  • sound design, mixing;
  • promotional audio clips;
  • CG 2D, 3D, VFX;
  • color correction, color grading;
  • advertising on TV channels;
  • promotion videos on the Internet;
  • DVD Authoring;
  • BD Authoring;
  • editing trailers and teasers.
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    We have worked closely with many customers for several years and on a permanent basis. This is due to the fact that we are the company with a full production. All of our products are clearly and logically reveal the theme and attract viewers and potential customers of our clients. «Breeze Media Group» is always open for interesting proposals and new projects. We are happy for you to shoot documentary and feature films, television programs, commercials, advertising films, music videos, social advertisement or social films, and also provide media and visual aids for exhibitions.